Rainbow Opal Collection

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This NEW collection is of 7 beautiful opals, in rainbow colors that were inspired by real opal stones. These glitters are a .025 hex, not super chunky, but chunky enough to bring some serious sparkle! 

Each Bag is 2oz by weight.

Buy them singly or the whole set. These glitters are iridescent so the base color will change the appearance of these glitters. Test them out. 

White Light Opal: The white opal is a stone of magic and light. Its angelic glow and curious iridescence make it a precious stone for collectors, crystal lovers, and expert jewelers. ... They are usually opaque or translucent stones with a pale white appearance and the iridescent flashes characteristic of opal.

Red Fire Opal:Fire opal is a translucent opal with warm body colors ranging from yellow to orange to gold. Even though it usually doesn't show any color play, sometimes a stone will show bright green flashes. Querétaro in Mexico is the most popular supplier of fire opals; these opals are commonly referred to as Mexican fire opals.

Orange Honey Opal: Honey-yellow opal is a transparent to translucent Opal with an orange to orange-brown, honey-colored background. It may or may not display play of color. Honey opal is resinous to glassy in appearance.

Yellow Lemurian Opal: Yellow Opal is a gemstone that can make owner's life comfortable. It is popular as a gemstone with a meaning and properties of bringing in luck. This gemstone would protect you from daily stress and avoid dangers. Yellow Opal is a gemstone that can brighten up owner's feelings. 

Blue Peruvian Opal: Peruvian Opal is the national stone of Peru and it is relatively rare and can only be found in the Andes mountains. ... Peruvian Opal is a sedimentary rock formed at low temperature from an igneous rock with high silica content. Its composition is basically composed of oxygen, silicon and hydrogen

Green Moss Opal: Moss opal is a milky white to brownish opal with dark greenish inclusions that resemble mossMoss opal may also be referred to as "dendritic opal" because of the tree-like appearance of the inclusions, or "dendrites", which comes from the Greek word, "dendron", meaning "tree"

Purple Morado Opal: Morado opal, also called "purple opal" and "Opal Royale," is a purple variety of common opal found in central Mexico. ... The purple and white opal are swirled together in a chalcedony and quartz matrix.

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Julie H.
United States United States
Rainbow opal collection is stunning

I am just starting to learn about glitter and tumbler making. I made my first tumbler this week and used this glitter- the tumbler isn't even finished yet and the glitter is stunning! I will definitely be investing in more Mr. Nolas glitter in the future

Janetta C.
United States United States

Beautiful and cheery!

Jackie M.
United States United States
Amazing with tack it

I have only used this with the rack it method but OMG it is beautiful!

Suzanne B.
United States United States
Opal collection

Awesome love it

Pearl S.
United States United States

Glitter is beautiful.

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