MG117 Bonfire on the Levee



Bonfire on the Levee is a Christmas chunky mix with red, green, white and magenta hexagons. This mix is different from just your usual holiday colors. Adding the magenta brings in a whole different vibe to your traditional Christmas projects. 

The Great River Road region between New Orleans and Baton Rouge can lay claim to one of the more unusual public December holiday lighting displays you’ll find in Louisiana.


It’s here on the earthen levees bordering the Mississippi River in St. James, St. John the Baptist and Ascension parishes that local Christmas lights aren’t colored bulbs, but instead dozens of 20-feet-high flaming pyramids of burning logs.


The Christmas bonfires, as locals call them, are mostly pyramid-shaped, but some can be more fanciful assemblages paying tribute to the river’s heritage—shapes ranging from miniature plantation homes to tiny replica paddlewheel steamships. Bonfires are built by families, friends and co-workers who visit, cook and mingle between the fires. It’s a local celebration with an environment akin to football tailgating, and the practice has continued for generations. 

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