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Mr. Nola's Glitter Glass-Coat EpoxyMr. Nola's Glitter Glass-Coat Epoxy
Mr. Nola's Glitter Glass-Coat Epoxy
From $15.99
346 reviewsIn stock, 2774 units
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Mr. Nola's Glitter Speed Dry EpoxyMr. Nola's Glitter Speed Dry Epoxy
Mr. Nola's Glitter Speed Dry Epoxy
From $16.99
186 reviewsIn stock, 1054 units
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Tack-It Over and OverTack-It Over and Over
Tack-It Over and Over
22 reviewsIn stock, 79 units
Instant Tacky DotsInstant Tacky Dots
Instant Tacky Dots
3 reviewsIn stock, 44 units
Save $2.74
Liquid Fusion ( clear urethane adhesive)
Save $1.50
Tack-It Starter KitTack-It Starter Kit
Tack-It Starter Kit
$22.50 $24
1 reviewIn stock, 33 units
Aleene's Foiling GlueAleene's Foiling Glue
Apothecary Adhesive 4oz Glitter GlueApothecary Adhesive 4oz Glitter Glue

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