Individual Bamboo Tray - Wood Crafts



UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY: Discover the perfect canvas for your creativity with our wooden trays. Not only ideal for serving, but also a versatile foundation for Montessori activities and a wide array of artistic endeavors, allowing your imagination to flourish. Unleash your inner artist as you transform these trays into personalized masterpieces, adding a touch of your creativity to every corner of your home.  

We are offer 5 different sizes Trays dimensions are

Jumbo 16x10.25x1.5",

XL 15.3x9x1.5",

L 14.5x8.25x1.4",

M 13.75x7.5x1.3", and

S 13x6.6.x1.25”.

The thickness on the bottom of the tray measures about 1/16th of an inch.

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