MG148 Manchac Magic



MNG New Orleans Tours Collection AKA "Glittercon 2023 Mixes"

Manchac Magic   is a beautiful Metallic Green  mix created by Rachel. It's a chunky,  fine mix to ensure exceptional coverage, 

These Glitter's were first introduced at Glittercon 2023 and have been highly requested ever since! 

Glitter  sold in 2oz bags 

Manchac Magic  The Manchac Magic kayak swamp tour is one of the best eco swamp tours in New Orleans. Beginner friendly and open to all ages, this tour explores the swamps near New Orleans by kayak with local guide!

Manchac is located on Lake Maurepas on the Pass Manchac waterway, which connects to Lake Pontchartrain. The Manchac Swamp Bridge on Interstate 55 has exit and entrance ramps for Manchac. Also located here is the Port Manchac Distribution Center, with storage facilities and rail, truck, and water links to the east, west, and north.

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