MNG Lava Liquid Duo



Introducing MNG Lava Liquid. A premixed Lava Liquid set to help you create one of the kind lave liquid tumblers! 

Let MNG take the guess work out of creating your very own lava liquid tumblers. just add your colorant to part A and mix well. Add your ‘lava’ into your globe first, then fill the rest with part B. Seal and watch your lava tumbler come to life!

MNG Recommends using mica or pigment powders to color your part a lava for best results.

Each set will include 4oz of Lava Part A, for you to color whatever you wish, and 8 oz of Lava Part B, to fill the rest of the way. This set is enough to do two twenty-four oz glitter globe tumblers. If you are doing smaller ones, your set will go even further! 

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