Accent Circle Rhinestone Sets



These rhinestone sets are perfect to do accents of bling onto your tumblers. You don't want to use these to cover the whole tumbler. 

Unicorn Tears - Teardrop shaped rhinestones in a vary of multiple colors. 

Mermaid Bubbles - Different sized opalescent pearl shaped rhinestones. 

Dragon Beans - Oval shaped rhinestones with a cross hatch texture on top. 

Galaxy Matter - Opal silver back rhinestones varying in shapes like stars, ovals, and diamonds 

Candy Dots - Circle rhinestones with a pointed top. These rhinestones are opalescent in multiple colors. 

Rainbow Showers - These opalescent rhinestones are similar to candy dots but have a rounded top instead. 

Treasure Trove - These rhinestones are not flat back and are translucent in color. 

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