Accent Specialty Rhinestone Sets



These rhinestone sets are perfect to do accents of bling onto your tumblers. You don't want to use these to cover the whole tumbler. 

Ruby-lishous - This is a deep ruby red colored rhinestone with hearts, circles, teardrops, and triangle shapes 

Flash Dance - These rhinestones are a neon color mix  in various shapes. 

Violet opal - Clear flat back rhinestones with a purple opal hue. These will change colors depending on the colored background. 

Fools Gold - These rhinestones are just like the name. They are a tarnished gold color in multiple shapes like hearts, ovals, and bows. 

Raven - A smoky gray rhinestone that screams gothic. Give your tumbler a spooky feel with these rhinestones. 

Moonshine - These rhinestones are your typical silver color with that extra sparkle. There are also some hidden moon shapes in this pack. 

Fairy Fury - A pack of silver backed opalescent rhinestones These can give the perfect pop to any of your crafting projects. 

Golden Opal - Opal on a whole another level! Instead of a silver back these beauties had a gold backing giving them a more elegant crystal look. 

First Snow - These rhinestones are a beautiful reminder of the snow flurries falling on a winters day. They are a light opal with shifts of blues. 

White Lightening - Just like lightening these rhinestones with stop you dead in your tracks. They are a white backed opal rhinestone that can be explained as nothing more than stunning. 

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