Betcha Can't Say That Twice Collection



In a state that’s so unique and features a culture full of major Cajun and Creole influences, things can often be a bit overwhelming for out-of-towners, especially when it comes to pronouncing names! This collection is made up of six (6) different surnames that can be quite tricky for anyone to pronounce the first time let alone a second time. 

2oz Bags 

1. Theriot (terry-o) - (French origin), meaning "God’s gift". This surname is a very interesting one as it has more than 100 different spellings in different languages. One of the most famous surnames across the globe. This glitter is a holo seafoam mixed with a white in a .015 hex 

2. Breaux  (bro) - (French origin) It is a male given name common in France. It is, in fact, the French version of the German given name Beraud. Breaux is a holographic stormy lavender and pearl white in a .015hex. 

3. Trahan (tray-han) - (French origin), meaning "a silk worker". In English, it means strong. A common last name. A 0.15 custom mix of Holographic deep ocean blue and white. 

4. Richard (rih-shard) - (French origin),  meaning "a strong and powerful ruler". It can be considered as a variant of the name "Richard". This glitter is a beautiful deep holo gold mixed with white. 

5. Hebert (A-bear) - (German origin), meaning "illustrious". The famous figure of French Revolution, Jacques Rene Hebert is one famous personality bearing this surname. Choosing Hebert as character surnames is quite cool. A chartreuse holographic glitter mixed with white in a .015 hex.  

6. Mounier (moo-yay) - (French origin) The Mounier surname may be a local surname, that is, a name derived from the name of a place where they once lived, or held land. It has also been suggested that Mounier may have been an occupational name for a miller, deriving from the word "meunier" or "mounier," in Old French.  It’s also the last name of two of our Krewe members ( Kelsey and Leslie) pronounced the same but spelled different. Mounier is a rose gold holo custom mix with white in a 0.15 hex. 

7. Thibodeaux (tib-it-doe) The French surname Thibodeaux is a proud sign of a rich and dynamic ancestry. They derive from the language of the Visigoths, who controlled France between the mid-5th and early 8th centuries. The surname Thibodeaux was originally derived from the Old French personal name of Theobald, meaning bold or brave. Thibodeaux is a soft teal holographic custom mix with white 0.15 hex. 

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