MNG Rocks Exclusive Custom Glass Mix "Banana Bomb"



MNG On The Rocks Exclusive Custom Glass Mix

All MNG mixes are mixed by hand in super small batches.  These are mixes created by and mixed by Rachel, colors/ratios will not be disclosed. 

Mixes will vary depending on each mix. Stone size ranges from ss6-ss30. Some mixes contain shapes as well. 

MNG Rocks Glass Rhinestones are premium quality, non-hot fix, flat back stones that can be applied using any of your favorite adhesives. Colors may vary slightly by lot and size in rare instances.

AB stones have a special coating on them that allow them to reflect/refract golden tones as well as blue and pink. “AB” is an iridescent coating that adds a beautiful color shift. Although our stones are premium quality, AB and metallic coating are prone to wear or damage over time. Keep that in mind when planning your projects.

MNG On The Rocks Glass rhinestones are produced small lots. While we work with our supplier to make sure these differences are slim, slight variations can occur between each lot. Rhinestones are very similar to glitter, the sizes can effect the appearance of the colors.  

MNG Rocks Rhinestones are packaged in resealable bags by weight, then quantity, so the actual number of pieces you will receive is a very close approximation.  Each Custom Mix bag contains approximately 50 Grams per bag. For reference a bag on SS20 glass stones are about 80 grams.  

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