Louisiana Zodiac Collection (LZC)

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From calling our counties parishes to seasoning our dialogue with a little Cajun French, it's no secret that our home state of Louisiana is unique. So it only makes sense to have our own distinctive Zodiac based on animals that capture the essence of the boot! 

Each glitter in this collection is a small chunky mix packaged in a 2oz bag.

  • Blue Heron-March 21st - April 19th (Aries)
    • A vibrant royal blue glitter with a metallic finish. The Blue Heron is a dignified, graceful bird that turns into a quick and striking predator when provoked.  
  • Gator-April 20th - May 20th (Taurus) 
    • A metallic deep emerald glitter. The Gator is a strong, stubborn, and determined creature that can also be patient when waiting for its prey. 
  •  Nutria-May 21st - June 20th (Gemini)
    • A bright darkened purple metallic glitter. The Nutria Rat is a lively, mischievous rodent that is known for its versatility because they live both in water and on land. 
  • Blue Crab-June 21st - July 22nd (Cancer)
    • A metallic light teal glitter. The Blue Crab has a hard shell that protects a soft inside. They are cautious but intuitive when moving through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Pelican-July 23rd - August 22nd (Leo)
    • A bright yellow gold metallic glitter. The Pelican is the majestic and proud state bird of Louisiana. It loves to perform and strides through the water showing off its distinctively large bill.
  • Catahoula-August 23rd to September 22nd (Virgo)
    • A light ocean teal metallic glitter. The Catahoula is an intelligent, analytical canine that can have an independence that is sometimes be interpreted as shyness. 
  • Egret-September 23rd - October 22nd (Libra)
    • A iridescent white glitter with flashes of bright pinks and purples. Poised and easygoing, the Egret is a large white bird that known for its still and peaceable nature. 
  • Opossum-October 23rd - November 21st (Scorpio)
    • A metallic glitter on the deeper side of lilac. The Opossum is an excitable marsupial that is small but determined and forceful in a way that can be taken as aggressive. 
  • Crawfish-November 22nd - December 21st (Sagittarius)
    • A vibrant, sexy red metallic glitter. The Crawfish is adaptable to change and thrives in many different environments. However, this adventurous nature can sometimes present itself as carelessness.
  • Catfish-December 22nd - January 19th (Capricorn)
    • A gorgeous high-flash iridescent white glitter. Catfish have remarkable senses that make them very practical creatures. This practicality presents itself in the Catfish being very careful and patient. 
  • Shrimp-January 20th - February 18th (Aquarius)
    • A deep magenta-pink glitter with a metallic finish. Shrimp are ambitious and always constantly on the move. They are sociable creatures that travel together in large schools. 
  • Snapping Turtle-February 19th - March 20th (Pisces) 
    • A bright light green metallic glitter. Snapping turtles may be known for their temperamental and dramatic nature; however, they are misunderstood creatures that are sensitive to the environment around them.

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William H.
United States


Very much enjoyed

Cindi F.
United States United States


It’s a beautiful glitter but because of the holidays I sadly have not had time to use it yet. Maybe soon.

Angelia S.
United States United States

Awesome Collection

The colors are vibrant and beautiful. Haven’t got to use all of them. As always Mr. Nola’s never disappoints.

Amber B.
United States United States


Like ALL MNG products, this was perfect high quality and gorgeous! Again, like all other MNG products, it just reinforces the fact that shopping anywhere else is totally unnecessary!

Cyndi T.
United States United States

Glitter and more

I haven't yet use this but very satisfied with the delivery and packaging TY!! cant wait to use

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