MG035 Gaston



Gaston is a metallic chucky mix of rose gold in different sizes and multi colored stars. The stars are a traditional 5 point metallic coming in pink, blue, greens, and purple. It is a one of a kind mixture of colors. 

2oz Bags 

This glitter was named after a childrens book called "Gaston the Green Nosed Alligator." Here is a little description of the book. 

Unprepared for his yearly trek because of a series of problems, a perplexed Santa sees Gaston in flight-suddenly the friendly alligator is employed to help save Christmas Eve. Gaston®, the intrepid green-nosed alligator from the bayou, ventures far and wide to satisfy his wanderlust. Gaston's creator, James Rice, wrote and illustrated nine books featuring the friendly swamp creature.

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