MG102 190 Octane



The FCC is made up of fun spring like colors that are reminiscent of the frosty boozy drinks that are so popular in the south.  In this collection are 7 yummy flavors in an opaque shiny/iridescent film, all in a smaller chunky mix, that includes sizes .015, .025, .075. The colors/Flavors include: 

Electric Limeade (Green) 

Pina Colada (White)

Jungle Juice (Pink)

190 Octane (Orange)

Hypnotic Chill (Blue)

Bellini (Coral)

Banana Banshee (Yellow) 


The home to classic cocktails like the Sazerac and the Vieux Carré, New Orleans is a historic drinking destination but anyone who’s ever walked down Bourbon Street knows it’s not all craft cocktails. The Big Easy’s main boozy attraction comes blended—and, often, in a styrofoam cup.

In the early 1980s, frozen Daiquiris and other blended and boozy refreshments took over the city’s raucous drinking scene, and they’ve reigned supreme ever since. Stands on  Bourbon Street boast 32 ounces for less than $10 and feature 20 machines swirling neon-colored slush. Don’t want to walk to get your frozen fix? That’s okay—drive-through Daiquiri stands offer just as many flavors. They’re as potent as they are sweet—which is to say, very—spiked with everything from brandy and rum to vodka and 190-proof Everclear. As you may have guessed, these frozen treats should not be confused with the Daiquiri you’d find at a craft cocktail bar. They are their own new breed of beast.

Today, frozen Daiquiris are as synonymous with New Orleans as beignets and muffalettas. You’d be hard-pressed to find a visitor or a local who hasn’t at least tasted one of these frozen concoctions.

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