MG239 Spitfire




Spitfire is a stunning shiny hot pink glitter. Its a bigger flake cut .25 hex that looks like aluminum. This color is very similar to the original NYX Pink, just very sparkly. 


Spitefire-(former Cocktail bar)

The space inside 1135 Decatur St. never seems to have experienced a dull moment, having welcomed lower Decatur nighthawks as such incarnations as the Blue Crystal, the Whirling Dervish and, for a brief time, the 2.0 version of the old Rubyfruit Jungle. Something about the mojo of this place screams rock 'n' roll in one variety or another, and the Spitfire Bar exudes that vibe with a particular gusto.

The bar is bathed in unselfconscious retro glory; Spitfire references the iconic British fighter plane from World War II, and a wooden propeller spins lazily on the bar's back wall as owner Sarah Manowitz serves up the drinks. She opened the bar with partner Amanda Noland Inzer in June 2013. Initially named to match the two women's fiery personalities, the bar's theme took a turn when Manowitz's father noted the WW II connection; next thing she knew, a propeller showed up on her doorstep.

"My influences for the vintage rock 'n' roll vibe definitely come from great New Orleans bars of the past like the Shim Sham Club (now One Eyed Jacks), the Matador, the Hideout, Lounge Lizards and, of course the Blue Crystal and Whirling Dervish," said Manowitz, who previously managed such tourist spots as Utopia, the Beach on Bourbon, Bourbon Cowboy and The Swamp.

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