MNG Cup Turner



Our very own branded beginner cup turner is made out of a sturdy, heavy-duty metal with a sleek black finish. It is compact but versatile, featuring a variety of features and accessories to help you in your crafting adventure!


  • Aluminum Alloy body that makes the turner lightweight but sturdy.
  • No-noise motor that runs both directions and runs at 3-4 RPM. All cup engines pass a 5-day constant run test. 
  • Adjustable chuck support to help ensure the stability of your cups. 
  • Two dense foam pieces to help securely fit into a variety of cups. These measure 4.7''x3.1'' and 4.7''x4.3''. 
  • Two CPVC pipe arms.


  • 11.8''x8.3'' blue silicone mat for protecting the surface of your turner.
  • 33ft roll of masking tape. 
  • Silicone 100mL mixing cup.
  • 5mL pipette. 
  • Two silicone measuring bowls.
  • Two waterslide squeegee.
  • Ten plastic stirring sticks. 
  • Three pairs of nitrile gloves. 

When you get your turner there will be some assembly required. All screws are included but you will need a screwdriver to put it all together. Instructions are included as well but feel free to email us at with any questions!

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