MNG DIY Christmas Ornaments



Contain a wonderland of Christmas delight within these DIY Ornaments. Perfect for Christmas crafts, projects, gifts, and more, these hollow plastic ornaments are ready for your winter wonderland. Fill it will glitter, beads, sequins, faux snow, pom poms, and more. Embellish the exterior with paint and permanent markers. Merry Christmas!

Shapes Available 

1. Baubles (Ball Ornament) - this is a sphere shape around 10cm big. 

2. Twinkle (Lightbulb Ornament) - this is your typical light ball shape around 12cm long. 

3. Spirit (Heart Ornament) - a bubble heart shape at about 10cm wide. 

4. Jolly (Disk Ornament) - this is a flat circular shape at around 10cm in measurement. 

These ornaments do not have the screw on tops. They come with the tradition clasp top just like any other ornament 

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