Welcome to Mr. Nola's Glitter!
Welcome to Mr. Nola's Glitter!
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MNG (Glow In The Dark) Epoxy Dye Set
MNG (Glow In The Dark) Epoxy Dye Set
MNG (Glow In The Dark) Epoxy Dye Set
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MNG (Glow In The Dark) Epoxy Dye Set

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This glow in the dark epoxy dye set has 20 colors as listed. The brightness of the glow varies in each dye. Below is a list of the colors and their glow rating, please keep in mind that this is only my opinion of their glow and other opinions may vary.  This list corresponds with the photo of the colors in their box, in the dark; top left to right 1st row, 2nd row left to right and so on.  These will work in epoxy and UV resin. 

White- Bright Green Glow

Jade White- bright Slime green Glow

Purple Red- med/low pink glow

Purple- low blue glow

Rose Red- medium pink glow

Orange Yellow- Bright Orange Glow

Light Purple- bright green blue glow

Gold- medium green glow

Crystal White- Bright aqua glow

Orange- Bright Orange Glow

Apple Green- medium green glow

Red- bright orange glow

Silver black- very low dark green glow

Hot Pink- medium pinkish orangeish glow

Orange Red- Bright Orange Glow

Light Pink- Bright pale orange glow

Lemon Yellow- Bright yellow green glow

Sapphire Blue- medium teal glow

Sky Blue- medium aqua glow

Green- bright/med deep avocado green glow