MNG Krewe Picks



Our Nola crew wanted to show you their favorite colors!! Here are some bundles based on each Krewe member's liking. We hope you like them as much as we do!! 

Alyssa - “ Dark tones are just as nice as the brightest colors.”

Alaina - "Pastel colors are the best! " 

Amber -"Satchmo Fest is my favorite. The other color complement it so well!!" 

Amanda -"I like the oddballs. They need more credibility!"  

Francis - "Some of my favorite glitters to bag." 

John - "These are inspired by some of my favorite gemstone colors" 

Kelsey - "I choose these because they work so well together." 

Leslie - " These are some oldies but goodies. Don't underestimate them." 

Mika - "This is the Mika's secret stuff." 

Micheal - "These are some underrated colors that need to be seen" 

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