MNG Sticky Sheet Pen Wrap Sheets **Back in Session**

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All MNG Pen Wrap sheets are printed on clear media. Some are PAB, some are stain glass, all of them are super vibrant. 

Pen Wrap Sheets are themed, and come with 8-10 decals on each sheet, depending on subject. To use, simply cut the desired decal off your sheet, peel from the paper backing and wrap decal around your pen. You don't even need to use epoxy! BUT...Edges will disappear under epoxy if you choose to do so. 

These Pen Wrap Sheets were created to use with MNG's Pre-Glittered Pens we sell. They are smaller than normal pen wraps. They will NOT fit around Ink Joy Pens

Back in Session is a SG Set.  All sheets are approximately 6x9.


Regular Sticky Sheets- Reg- These are printed on white permanent vinyl. These sheets are 100% opaque. Meaning you will not see anything under them when you use them.

Peek-A-Boo Sticky Sheets- PAB-These are printed on a transparent permanent vinyl, over a layer of white ink. Making the glitter peak out from behind these. These are super simple to use and make the best decals. These are perfect over any color base.

Stain Glass Sticky Sheets- SG-These are printed on a transparent permanent vinyl. Place these over a light-colored base for the best results. The glitter and color will shine through these sheets, similar to stained glass. 


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