MNG Sticky Sheet Project Sheets **Pocket Bear Hug Cards Sheet 2**




Pocket Bear Hug Card Sheet 2 is a REG sheet.  This are a perfect match to our Bear Hug Molds. Place this sticky sheet on a sheet of cardboard, then cut out your pocket card. Place your resin bear on the card with a sticky dot. These make cute gifts for teachers and school staff, as well as friends and family. Perfect little gift idea for your holiday craft shows too. 

Regular Sticky Sheets- Reg- These are printed on white permanent vinyl. These sheets are 100% opaque. Meaning you will not see anything under them when you use them.

Peek-A-Boo Sticky Sheets- PAB-These are printed on a transparent permanent vinyl, over a layer of white ink. Making the glitter peak out from behind these. These are super simple to use and make the best decals. These are perfect over any color base.

Stain Glass Sticky Sheets- SG-These are printed on a transparent permanent vinyl. Place these over a light-colored base for the best results. The glitter and color will shine through these sheets, similar to stained glass. 

Special Media Sticky Sheets-SM- These are printed on fun different and unique media. We love to test the boundaries of our creativity and print on tons of fun stuff. From Chrome to Glitter and much more to come!  


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