MG302 CHOMPitoulas



CHOMPitoulas is a high flash silver and white glitter. It comes in a 1/64 hex in 2oz bags and is a must have in anyone's white glitter collection.

CHOMPitoulas refers to our beloved white alligators homed at the Audubon Zoo. These alligators are very rare. As if these large iconic reptiles weren’t impressive enough, the rare leucistic white alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) are even more breathtaking. They’ve been described as ethereal, ghostly and, most frequently, beautiful. They have translucent white skin and deep blue eyes with a hint of pigmentation splashed here and there. Leucism is a rare condition not to be confused with albinism, which results in pink eyes and no pigmentation at all. The incidence of leucistic gators is probably very rare, although it is hard to say for certain since leucistic young lack protective camouflage coloring and are easy pickings for predators.

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