MG078 Pussyfooters



Pussyfooters is a dark pink shiny glitter in .025 hex cut. 
2oz Bag
The iconic Pussyfooters marching group is 100-plus members strong, all women over 30, parading in their trademark pink plumage and corsets in nearly 50 parades, fundraisers and special events year round.
Founded in 2001, it’s safe to say the Pussyfooters led the way for the recent boom in women’s (and men’s) dance groups. But the ladies are quick to point out they were not the first—they got their inspiration from the original women of New Orleans unique parading and second line culture.
The Pussyfooters were born when founder Camille Baldassar was watching one of her first Mardi Gras parades, and she fell in love with the effervescent girls in the high school dance troupes. She was about 37 years old and thought, “I want to do that!” She began asking around, and with the help of a few women they called a meeting, held practices, contacted Muses and made costumes. The rest is “Herstory.”
The members and their board, reflect the city that they represent, and are diverse in all senses of the word. Before they lace up their white Doc Marten boots and hit the streets as the pink glittery army, the women represent a variety of professions, body types, ethnicities and ages. The Pussyfooters are doctors, teachers, attorneys, artists, engineers, writers, accountants, entrepreneurs, mothers, aunties, sisters, wives, grandmothers and more.

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