Sept 2021 New Easy Marble!



If you love your set 1 and 2 of easy marble, you're going to want to grab these to finish off your collection! We now have all the colors to make a perfect camo marble creation, and lots of other beautiful hues of gorgeousness!!

Easy Marble is a solvent-based paint used with water to create quick and elegant marbled patterns on either flat surfaces or dimensional objects. Just drip, swirl, dip and done! It adheres to paper, glass, plastic, metal, wax, wood, papier-mâché, polyester, polypropylene, smooth foam and many other surfaces. 15 ml jar.

  • 14 vibrant colors listed here; other colors and starter set also available 
  • Touch-dry after 15 minutes; fully cured in 24 hours
  • For best results, use with room-temperature water
  • Recommended for ages 9 and up
  • If these are your 1st go with easy marble don't forget to grab your clear, and sealer on listing one. 

The one of each set includes of of each of the 14 newest colors listed here.


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