Stone Coat Epoxy



Art Coat Stone Coat 

 Stone Coat been working with resin artist closely to bring you Art Coat from stone coat countertops! This is an amazing epoxy formulation which has Zero VOC's, an extended working time, added U.V inhibitors, and compatibility with alcohol inks, acrylics, silicone oils, metallics, oil based paint and more! It is Ultra UV Protected and can withstand temps up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit

Dry to touch in 24hrs varying slightly in different climates. 

Half Gallon kits comes with one 32oz bottle of part A and  one 32oz bottle of part  B, which equal 1/2 Gal total.

One Gallon kit comes with one 64oz bottle (1/2 Gal) of part A and one 64oz bottle (1/2 Gal) of part B, which equal 1 Gal total.

The Quick Coat Stone Coat

Is a fast reactive epoxy that will be touchable within 3-4 hrs of mixing parts and sandable within  3-5 hrs. This varies slightly in different seasons and climates. The work time is approximately 15 minutes. For a cup maker this is great when you have multiple layers of a cup to get through quickly. The quick coat does not have UV protectants. 

1 quart kits comes with one 16oz bottle (one pint) of part A and one 16oz bottle (one pint) of part B, which equal one quart total.

1 gallon kits comes with one 64oz bottle (1/2 Gal) of part A and one 64oz bottle (1/2 Gal) of part B, which equal 1 Gal total.

Keep in mind that Quick Coat CAN NOT BE A TOP COAT on drinkware. Your final coat must be regular epoxy. 

Quick coat only has a 15 minute work time and is set up in around 4 hours total time after application, Quick coat also does not have self leveling characteristics nor does it have any UV inhibitors or heat resistance built in to the formula. For a durable, heat resistant epoxy, I would recommend either our Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy or our Art Coat






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