MNG Big Shot Collection



Introducing Mr. Nola’s Glitter’s Big Shot Collection! This collection of glitters is inspired by the Big Shot soda that has been produced in the New Orleans suburb of Harahan since 1935. Known throughout the city for its affordable price and unique fruity flavors, Big Shot is a part of New Orleans culture that provides nostalgic comfort to its adult residents. 


Each glitter is named after an MNG Krewe Member’s favorite Big Shot flavor and features a custom label reminiscent of the iconic logo found on soda bottles throughout the city. All glitters in this collection are small chunky mixes with iridescent hexes and bright irregular flakes. Each comes in a 2oz bag by weight.  




Our Krewe Member Leslie’s favorite flavor is represented in this dusky light purple mix! 



A bright hot yellow mix that represents Micheal’s favorite flavor! 



A light yellow-orange representing one of the more unique Big Shot flavors. This is Alyssa’s favorite!



A hot, bright orange mix representing the classic flavor that happens to be a favorite of Francis! 



Alaina’s favorite flavor is represented in this blinding hot pink mix! 



A lime green mix that represents Mika’s favorite Summer flavor! 


Root Beer:

This is Amanda’s favorite flavor represented in a bright coral mix! 


Fruit Punch:

A bright fuschia mix representing the favorite flavor of Lil Ms. Nola; Kelsey! 



John’s favorite flavor is represented in this very light gold-toned yellow mix. 


Pineapple Blue Bayou:

This coconut-pineapple flavor is the favorite of Amber! It is represented in a pastel baby blue mix. 

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