Diamond Eyez

Shine bright like Diamond Eyez! This iridescent, opal mid-sized chunky fine mix is insanely sparkly and reflective. Depending on the base color you choose, you will see shifts of blue, light green, and purple.

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Save $7.50
Throwback PackThrowback Pack
Throwback Pack
$15 $22.50
4 reviewsOnly 18 units left
Louisiana Botanical CollectionLouisiana Botanical Collection
Louisiana Botanical Collection
From $7.50
In stock, 2388 units
Louisiana Zodiac Collection (LZC)Louisiana Zodiac Collection (LZC)
Louisiana Zodiac Collection (LZC)
From $7.50
2 reviewsIn stock, 3840 units
MNG Big Shot CollectionMNG Big Shot Collection
MNG Big Shot Collection
From $8.50
In stock, 5329 units
Frozen Concoction Collection (FCC)Frozen Concoction Collection (FCC)
Frozen Concoction Collection (FCC)
From $7.50
In stock, 58 units
Fancy Faux SprinklesFancy Faux Sprinkles
Fancy Faux Sprinkles
In stock, 515 units
Peppermint Patties
Peppermint Patties
In stock, 238 units
Flower Power
Flower Power
In stock, 227 units
Tootie FrootyTootie Frooty
Tootie Frooty
In stock, 437 units
Alphabet Soup
Alphabet Soup
In stock, 234 units
Wanderlust Glow CollectionWanderlust Glow Collection
Wanderlust Glow Collection
From $9.75
1 reviewIn stock, 1502 units


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Mr. Nola's Glitter Glass-Coat EpoxyMr. Nola's Glitter Glass-Coat Epoxy
Mr. Nola's Glitter Glass-Coat Epoxy
From $22.50
154 reviewsIn stock, 1521 units
Save $0.99
Marabu Easy MarbleMarabu Easy Marble
Marabu Easy Marble
From $2.30 $3.29
19 reviewsIn stock, 34762 units
Snowball CollectionSnowball Collection
Snowball Collection
From $6.50
28 reviewsIn stock, 7036 units
Ranger Tim Holtz® Alcohol InkRanger Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink
Ranger Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink
From $4
15 reviewsIn stock, 22756 units
MG086 Krewe JuiceMG086 Krewe Juice
MG086 Krewe Juice
From $8.50
42 reviewsOnly 11 units left
MNG 4 oz Sparkle ShakersMNG 4 oz Sparkle Shakers
MNG 4 oz Sparkle Shakers
35 reviewsIn stock, 3108 units
Save $1.20
Marabu Alcohol InksMarabu Alcohol Inks
Marabu Alcohol Inks
From $2.79 $3.99
15 reviewsIn stock, 9561 units
Ain't There No More CollectionAin't There No More Collection
Ain't There No More Collection
From $8.50
7 reviewsIn stock, 3789 units
Save $5.49
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